Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Genius Hour Project

I finalized and came up with an idea and began to work on it this past weekend. I decided to harvest honey and beeswax that I collected this past summer from my beehive. In my presentation I can have pictures of my hive and go over how I started beekeeping and how I harvested the one super in September. My goal for this project is to make bee related products with honey and beeswax and propolis. I don't have enough propolis to make anything but I have enough beeswax to make a product or two and I harvested some honey. I made a lot of mistakes when harvesting and lost a lot of honey and beeswax while I was processing it. I won't be able to make any money from my products this year but now that I know how to harvest the honey and the beeswax and make products next year when I have more hives and more honey and bees wax I can make enough product to sell. My goal for the future is to make enough money to donate to a skin cancer foundation or even a Parkinson's research organization. For the project right now I can build a website and plan what products I will make in the future and what I will sell them for. I will make a business plan. In my presentation I will go over how I take care of my hive during the winter and how I plan to harvest as much honey as I can next year. I had some success and I introduced myself to making bee related products and this knowledge will help me prepare to package professional looking products to sell later this summer or next fall when I can harvest more honey and beeswax.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Genius Hour Project Idea

I've been trying to come up with an idea for a genius hour project the entire first quarter. I knew that I wanted to do something involving the environment but I didn't know what. So, one possible idea is to try to design a plan for schools in New Jersey that will help them become more sustainable- like a recycling program or fundraisers/public events to bring awareness. Another idea is that I can volunteer in various different fields, like at a Masonic home on weekends, or with an environmentalist to do a stream assessment, or at a food bank for a day, or with children or the disabled, etc. The volunteering idea may be harder to complete because of time restraints, however it would be more interactive and I could document my experiences. Tomorrow during study hall I will look into both ideas and create a plan for the next three weeks.